At HETDENKHUIS we ensure that our customers always communicate the correct information in a simple manner to their target group. Together with our customers we build strong lasting relationships thanks to a well thought-out communication tactic.

We create great added value for our customers who we always consider our professional friends. And for our friends we go through the fire so that they always achieve their set goals. Below you can see that each of our brands has its own target group and objectives. Which brand meets your needs?

Organizations count on DENK! to attract new customers and/or new employees.

You can contact us for web development, online marketing, graphic design, video, animation and workshops for your company or organization.

We develop creative campaigns, online and offline, for SMEs, schools, non-profit organizations and governments.

Our experts in communication joined forces with our experts in digitization. Companies rely on DIGITAALDENKEN to reduce their costs and enable their employees to work more optimally.

We optimize internal processes and structures by using technology.

We work for Alltech, Veilinghuis De Wit, K-Design, Roxell, CSP Terminals, …

A safe and productive work environment starts with good communication.

We simplify your messages so that everyone in your company understands them. We do this through non-verbal communication, so with visuals and animations.

We work for Alltech, Volvo Car Gent, AZ Delta, Altez, PGS Group, CGK Group, Cosco Shipping, De Oesterbank,…

DENEM is a specialist in project & event management for maritime organizations.

Thanks to our years of experience in the maritime world, we make the right connections and we follow up your project from A to Z with a successful result.

We work for RNSYC, Belgian Dragon Association, Haven Oostende, Rebo, Oostendse Havengemeenschap,…

Warm Oostende is our initiative to make a social contribution to the people in our city who are struggling.

Together with non-profit organizations such as Lichtbaken VZW, we give warmth to the vulnerable among us in the form of a warm meal, a listening ear, clothing, …

We bring the stories of vulnerable Ostend residents and organize events & campaigns.

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